Meet our Lead Pastors, Peter & Tammy de Fin

Peter & Tammy started acts Christian church in 1999 and together grew the church into a multi campus organisation with a passion to see the lost come to Jesus. They have a vision to plant 70 church’s across the world and see the next generation step into the calling of God.

Our Values
H -
Honour God with our lives, worship & through our giving.
E -
Engage, by being actively involved in serving, both in the church and community.
A -
Attitude is being ready and willing to grow and display Christlike virtues.
R -
Reliability in faithfulness with what God places in our hands, seeking to develop the gifts we are given.
T -
Teachable in being open to learn more of what God has destined for our lives and church.

Where we are going to?

Our Vision

We have a strong call to plant churches that will be the salt and light in their communities. We have been called to the highways and the byways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a supernatural church , demonstrating the power of God with signs, miracles and healings.

Our vision is to raise up the next generation of leaders who are powerful, holy, and carry the presence of God upon their lives.

We are a resource church to assist other churches and leaders to reach their potential.