Who We Are

We are a church for the city!

Meet Ps Peter & Tammy

Ps Peter, comes from a multigenerational heritage, who, prior to pastoring, traveled worldwide with Vinesong, serving faithfully for 7 years and gaining invaluable experience in many aspects of ministry.  Thereafter, he attended Bible School and in 1999, together with his wife, Tammy, began pastoring Acts.

He is an anointed preacher, having a clear understanding of his role in this generation, bringing clarity on the role of Christians as being separate from the world, stepping out into the supernatural and leading a multi-cultural, multi-site church with a passion to reach souls.

Peter ministers around South Africa as well as internationally, with a fervent desire to see the church rise up and take her place in every nation.  He has a heart to plant churches, raise leaders and build into church leaders’ lives.  His ministry is marked by his standard of excellence, humility and pursuit of holiness.

He lives together with his wife Tammy and their 5 children, Jethro, Aryn, Keita, Seth and Cyanne in Midrand, South Africa.

Ps Tammy was involved in extensive street evangelism and reaching out in nightclubs.  She housed many youth involved in drugs and the occult and has a passion to see those in darkness set free, which is evident in her fervent preaching.   She is a teacher of the Word and as such employs creative means for individuals to grasp the revelation God has given her.  Tammy strives to see God’s potential in each person, leading her to develop equipping manuals as she desires to see the Body of Christ function in her fullness.

Together Peter and Tammy share a vision for raising up the next Generation and have pioneered a cutting-edge ministry in which children and teens are being raised and trained for ministry.

Our Values


Honor God;  through our worship, lives and giving.


Engage; by being actively involved in serving, both in the church and community.


Attitude; is being ready and willing to grow and display Christlike virtues.


Reliability; in faithfulness with what God places in our hands, seeking to develop the gifts we are given.


Teachable; in being open to learn more of what God has destined for our lives and church.

Where we came from?

Acts church has its roots deep in the pioneering spirit of Pastor Harold Berry, who at a young age had a call to be a missionary in Africa. After he had his wife, Alice, devoted their lives to the building of hundreds of churches in the Congo, they left with their family during the revolution.

Going to South Africa, they founded World Outreach Mission, holding Bible studies in their home. This grew and subsequently they planted a church in Midrand.

After further growth, they expanded to a new property in Midrand under the leadership of his son-in-law, Pastor Abe de fin.

Where we are going to?

We have a vision to be

A multi-site church and an influence in our culture, society and nation.

A supernatural church, demonstrating the power of God with signs, miracles and healings.

A church that raises up the next generation of leaders who are powerful, holy, and carry the presence of God upon their lives.

A resource church to assist other churches and leaders to reach their potential.