Calling all Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Business Excellence is a ministry focused on equipping and empowering those with a heart for business. We focus on excellence and faithfulness towards God through business.

Business Desk

Business Desk will inspire and equip you for the business world. We aim to teach business owners and entrepreneurs how to be successful, upright business men and woman.

Foundation of Business & Kingdom

Statutory Compliance

Administration of Business

Business Plan & Finances

Growth & Recruitment

Technology & Networking


Title Date Download
Growth & Recruitment 2019/09/28
Breaking into the market 2019/06/29
Branding Yourself – Corporate workers 2019/06/29
Tendering / Representing your company 2019/06/29
Business Owner : Staff Recruitment 2019/06/29
Global Thinking 2019/05/25
Resurrection 2019/04/27
Foundation 2019/03/30
Back to basics 2019/02/23

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