Acts Care

Our ActsCare Counselling Ministry offers spiritual, emotional, and practical support to address challenges that individuals, marriages and families face, through one-on-one counselling and various courses. Our lay counselling team is dedicated and well-trained to help with any counselling needs. All our counselling is based on Biblical values and principles.


G1 - Pre-Marriage

Our pre-marriage course helps to lay the foundation for a healthy marriage, by discovering God’s purpose, design and desire for your marriage.

G2 - Marriage

We teach couples how to communicate effectively, understand their differences and how to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

G3 - Finance

Our Finance course will help you to understand the Biblical importance of financial stewardship. Come learn how to manage and budget your money to get the most out of it.

G4 - Spiritual Identity

Are you searching for answers about who you are and how God fits into your everyday life? Spiritual Identity course focuses on discovering who you are in Christ and all that God has created you to be.

G5 - Divorce Care

If you have been through a divorce, we would love to come alongside you and your family to help you through this tough time.


G5 - Divorce Care for Kids

If your children are having a difficult time adjusting with their new family life. Divorce Care Kids course focuses on helping your children through this difficult time.

G6 - Griefshare

Have you lost a loved one and still struggling with the pain? Griefshare support group will help you find happiness once more and find your way from mourning to joy.


G7 - Hands of Hope

Our Hands of hope program supports individuals dealing with depression, addiction and abuse. Overcoming brokenness and finding hope once again.


For One-on-one counselling with one of our trained lay counsellors.